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Locke And Key Volume 2: Head Games (Hardcover, from One Page, Vivocity at SGD$39.98)

Writer: Joe Hill
Main Artist: Gabriel Rodriguez (gabrielrodriguez.deviantart.com/ - Deviantart Account -Go to it!)

Finally, after reading( and getting hooked onto it, thank you impressionable mind) the first volume of Locke And Key, Welcome To Lovecraft(Never gonna write a review for that) , and taking a year and a half to sift through bookstores, I finally have it! The second volume! And I'm writing a (noobish) review about it!

The story of Head Games picks up where the first volume left off, with Sam Lesser (A crazed 17-year-old who murdered Rendell Locke, the big dad of the Locke Family) killed, and a long while has passed (Could have been three weeks, but it looks like the Locke kids were in school for a while now). Dodge (The big bad of the first book and now disguised as Zack Wells, a "cousin" of the PE teacher, Ellie Whedon who has quite the back story with Dodge) is also now friends with the Locke kids, especially Tyler, the eldest Locke child.

The problem comes in the form of Zack wanting to wipe out anything that had to do with his past as a guy named Lucas Caravaggio, and his old (In both ways) Literature teacher, Joe Ridgeway, seems to have found out his past. This problem is solved with Mr Joe getting brutally murdered in his own bathroom by Dodge with a gun, and Dodge, of course, enlists Ellie's help in rigging the scene into a suicide. Pity no one commits suicide by blowing a hole in their chest with a gun with no serial number (Where would a gun with no serial come from, I wonder?). The detectives, on the other hand, figure this out in a timely fashion and found a piece of glass from a glass that Mr Joe smashed Dodge with on the head. (I'm not a literary genius, DON"T JUDGE ME.) Of course, it's announced in the school the next day, and Kinsey (The middle Locke kid, only girl and near emotional wreck) runs right out of the school crying, pushing away two characters that will be introduced in a later story arc. Somehow, Zack and Tyler end up on the same beach as Kinsey and have ice-cream. Dodge decides to go surfing with Tyler (Kinsey made an exit somewhere) and another character is introduced: A probably-lesbian girl named Jordan Gates, who proceeds to ride of into the afternoon on her motorbike. 

At Keyhouse (The Locke family's current residence), Rendell's cousin, Duncan is leaving for another part of the state for his job, and manages to one-up Nina (The female progenitor of the Locke family) about their life. He give a sort-of reassuring talk to Kinsey about the recently-dead Mr Joe, and she ends the conversation with a remark of how she wanted to forget how to cry. Just as he leaves, Tyler and Dodge return from their (FAILED) surf, and Duncan is suddenly reminded of Lucas Caravaggio AS WELL, seeing as he met him when he was at the age of eight. Dodge gets understandably pissed (All evil geniuses feel that way if there's a spanner in their works) and promptly returns home to tell his "co-conspirator" Ellie. (With the help of the Anywhere Key, of course.)

Meanwhile, the youngest of the Locke kids, Bode, is trying to figure out the use of the Head Key, which he had fished out of the Wellhouse stream in the end of Vol. 1, and through some random moment of intelligence, an epiphany or something, figures it out and proceeds to tell his siblings about it. (Who wouldn't?) The Head Key basically allows someone to open their mind to anyone for viewing, or modding by adding or removing memories or emotions (IMPORTANT PLOT POINT) . The first time Bode uses it, it causes both Tyler and Kinsey to freak the ass out, and Tyler even starts screaming like a girl. When Nina sees it, she actually acts non-plussed and carries on with cooking dinner for the family, which only serves to freak the siblings out EVEN MORE. They then start experimenting with it's powers, by pushing a book into Bode's head (FORCEFULLY) and taking out his memory of Dodge (As a girl), finding out that memories are very unreliable. Kinsey then takes the key, amidst Bode's protests. In the evening, Kinsey helps Tyler "cram (in more ways than one)" for his Ethics papers and talks about keeping the keys a secret.

Tyler blows the secret by telling Jordan and Dodge (who already knows about the keys, just not where they are) when they ask him to teach them how he managed to "read" all the books he needed for his Ethics paper. When he reveals the Head Key to Dodge and Jordan, Dodge acts as though as he just pulled off a magic trick, and Jordan runs out of the house, believing that what Tyler did was unnatural (Well, duh).

Back to Duncan, he's teaching an art class in a town called..... Provincetown, and later contacts a guy named Brian when it ends. They go to a bar to get a drink, but Brian gets agitated by two women who talk about the town becoming a town filled with homosexuals, and they get into a fight, with Duncan getting knocked out by a bottle to the head. (That's what you get if you go for diplomacy)

Meanwhile, at Keyhouse, Kinsey, Bode and Dodge have a conversation about the potential of the Head Key, and the conversation goes to taking stuff out of the head, with Tyler entering Kinsey's room asking "...Like what?" 

Duncan wakes up in a house with Brian watching over him, and he wants to call Tyler, since he felt that he would be in danger from Dodge. However, Brian convinces him to be crazy and Duncan somehow passes out. What they don't know is that the two women from the bar followed them to the house, and are planning to SET IT ABLAZE. Like a Rammstein concert.

In Keyhouse, Kinsey convinces Tyler to take out her fear and sorrow, and they manage to put them into a bottle that Bode picked up (WHERE) . Kinsey tells the others in her room that they should also try to remove their fear and sorrow, but all they notice is that her thumb is bleeding, which she just "removes the blood" and comments it looks like a face. (Great WTF moment)

Somehow, when the others are sleeping, Dodge takes the Head Key and uses it to remove the memory of himself from Duncan's head (Anywhere Key, remember?) and tries to kill off Brian, who Dodge notices is Duncan's homosexual partner (Yes, they're mutually gay). In the greatest WTF LUCKY moment in all comics, Brian escapes from his house..... Only to be run over by the women in their car for a totally WTF reason. Needless to say, he dies. Dodge then goes to Ellie's house and removes his influence on her mind (Which prevented her from ruining Dodge's plans by y'know, killing him again?) and tries to wipe the mind of Ellie's child, Rufus, who has Down's Syndrome. However, through some magical thing, the Head Key cannot be used on Rufus and Dodge then quickly returns to Keyhouse, where Kinsey reveals that she has a crush on Dodge.

And then the story cuts. Ha.

The story for this volume is basically about how Dodge tries to hide his tracks from everyone else so he can find the Omega Key, and he actually manages to succeed in both instances, with one witness dead, and another memory-wiped. What a sneaky, successful bastard. The story also shines a bit more on the backstory for the older characters of the story, like Ellie and how her mother was (also) brutally beaten to near-death by Dodge.  It also reveals Dodge's evilness and willingness to do anything for  his plans, and the fact that Duncan is........Uuh, gay. 

One thing I liked about the art was that the difference between Bode's and Tyler's minds, where Bode's is colorful and cheery, with (Mostly) fond memories and thoughts, and Tyler's, which is dark and emo-y, with the face of his dad with a giant hole in his eye (He was shot by a revolver) and a Mental-Sam Lesser telling him that Tyler himself was to blame for his father's dad.

...And my favorite character would still be Kinsey Locke. Before the little "invasive surgery" with the Key, she was quite prone to crying, understandable because she had to deal with so many deaths in a short space. She also took the realization that the Keys were in fact real well, just talking about it and recovering form the shock quickly. But she dehumanized herself slightly by removing her fear and sorrow, and did the (almost) weirdest thing of just sucking the blood from the thumb and showing the marks left after her "fear" (Represented with a fish-creature with a dagger) stabbed her where she had covered the bottle with her thumb. She later just starts smiling a lot more, which is quite unnerving to look at after a while. Bonus points for that.

Plus, she's got an awesome hairstyle! I'm biased towards that!

In conclusion, Head Games has a good, compelling story, and great art, and I can't wait for the third volume, Crown Of Shadows. I can't wait at all. 

Now,to answer the title, I'd just cram the O Level subjects I'm taking into my head, along with art stuff and ways to be properly social, and remove my crippling doubt,sorrow and any beng/matness. I hate my crippling doubt, since it's stopped me from doing lots of things.


*Ahem*......Is this thing on?

 .....Well,damn,it is.

-Yeah,first things first,I just got a Mac two days ago.So far,it's working like a charm,with all the keys working,and everything.I'm transferring everything inside my old Sony Junker to my Mac.Only gripe is,this thing doesn't have an art program I could use in a jiffy.Which brings me to this question.......Should I put openCanvas or Corel Painter 3 into my Mac?

-Yeah,my exams are over!NO MORE STUDYING TILL NEXT YEAR!

......Yeah,pretty much my exams are now done,and now I have free time for merriment.Some were hard,yeah,but now all I can do is just wait and hope.I mean,one can't change their answers for their paper after handing them in,right?

That's all for now.....I guess.


Art,Song But no Dance


Also some MUSIC

Is there something I can do,
Given mistakes I put you through?
There's no limit to this,
just give us what we need

Should you stagger, should you fall
Remember this and remember them all
You're a wretched design
and this is all your fault

They're going to press you
to leave now, we'll look through 
to find you're no better when you left to go

'Cause there's just no one in this world like you, my darling
Dear, can I go living on this life without you?
Let this be my guiding wish, please give me more than this
It hurts so, please, I paid my price, my pennance

There is no lover just
enough to murder us
I am your ghost

Disturbed, you ponder these tainted dreams
No questions unanswered, your future sings
There are limits to love, now learn to feel its sting

You will shatter, you will fold,
Rendering help as your world dissolves
you can push on these walls
but help won't hear your call

They're going to press you
to leave now ,we'll look through 
to find you're no better when you left to go

'Cause there's just no one in this word like you, my darling
Dear, can I go living on this life without you?
Let this be my guiding wish, please give me more than this
You hurt so, please, I paid my price, my pennance

There is no lover just
enough to murder us
I am your ghost

"No matter what you tell yourself, ladies and gentlemen, there is no end to the rainbow, no greater good or purpose that you or I serve,only service.
There is one thing that we can all look forward to doing certainly and that's dying,
why waste your time wondering who you are when there are plenty of things you aren't?
Let's give our egos a rest and put our hearts to work shall we?"

'Cause there's just no one in this world like you, my darling
Dear, can I go living on this life without you?
Let this be my guiding wish, please give me more than this
It hurts so, please, I paid my price, my penance

There's just no one in this world like you, my darling
Dear, can I go living on this life without you?
Let this be my guiding wish, please give me more than this
It hurts so, please, I paid my price, my penance

There is no lover just
enough to murder us
I am your ghost

And a journal entry on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1555479/

Now if only I could name stuff like Claudio Sanchez.....



I still have one last request to complete,then I'll work on the concepts of characters I came up with during my little mojo-bender.

I get Bored

I get myself sad(by complete accident,but that's another story),and I read a comic.

You know what I do?

I draw,and I wound up with this:

Link: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3956151





Link: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3936185


Another badge and MUZAX

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In other news,
-I passed all of my mid-year papers,so I'm safe from getting drafted to NA........for now.Also,3/4 of my class failed English.How does that happen?(Don't worry,I'm part of the 1/4)
-I heard there's a furmeet on Saturday.Is it confirmed?(Gotta plan out my weekend :9)

Another pic....


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Gonna make a badge for someone else later.


Ohne dich,kann ich nicht sein...

...Ohne dich.
Mit dir bin ich auch allein,
Ohne dich....
Ohne dich,zähl ich die Stunden ohne dich.....
Mit dir stehen die Sekunden
Lohnen nicht....

......Okay,depressing song aside,new art:

Link: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3850133/

And the song LIVE TOO LAWL:

Also,one thing to ask about tail size for a fursuit of my fursona:Is 46(diameter)x100(length)cm big enough?Or should it be shorter?

Bump up

Due to the messed up Internet here(will get fixed soon) and Facebook being a whore,I'm only able to post the images on LJ now.It's been on FA for sometime though(They aren't bitches,yeah :3 )So without further ado,3 images for the price of none:

(This is my little June project,BTW.That's IF I have the cash.)




Note:All images should be enjoyed in their original size.No,really.

Also,I won't be able to draw much these few days,for I has EXAMMMMMMS.